Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Olds

Several years ago, I was expressing to a co-worker how expensive my grocery bill was becoming, she suggested I look at buying day-olds. Right away, I thought of old, hard, dry, crusty bread, that the grocery store couldn't get rid off, and now were reduced. She explained to me that they were still fresh and as the grocery store baked more and more, they had to get rid of the older ones. Well, I took her advice and ventured out to the day-old section of my grocery store. I was pleasantly surprised, not only did I find fresh products, but I found myself buying products which I normally wouldn't buy if they were regular priced, but because of the reduction, I could now I afford one or two.

Well, I didn't stop there, now when I shop, not only do I check the day-old section of the bakery, I also check for reduced fruits and vegetables and reduced meats. I find this greatly reduces my grocery bill, and my family has had some excellent meals out of these great finds. Look for these deals next time you go grocery shopping and think of it as the clearance sections of your grocery stores.

Happy Shopping!!

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