Friday, September 10, 2010

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

About FCAC

Who we are

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is an independent body working to protect and inform consumers of financial services.
We were established in 2001 by the federal government to strengthen oversight of consumer issues and expand consumer education in the financial sector.

What we do

As a federal regulatory agency, FCAC is responsible for:
  • ensuring that federally regulated financial institutions comply with federal consumer protection laws and regulations;
  • monitoring financial institutions' compliance with voluntary codes of conduct and their own public commitments;
  • informing consumers about their rights and responsibilities when dealing with financial institutions; and
  • providing timely and objective information and tools to help consumers understand, and shop around for, a variety of financial products and services.
FCAC Website

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shopping with your rewards points

I just finished doing some online shopping...for gift cards and gift certificates. I enjoy collecting points, because I like knowing my loyalty yields rewards. I just got a $50 gift card from Home Hardware through my CapitalOne Mastercard, and with my AirMiles, I picked up a $25 gift card for Cara foods, a $20 gift certificate for Metro and a $20 gift certificate for Shell.

Not to mention, the $10 taken off my purchases (a couple days ago) through the Optimum Program at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum

I can't wait for them to arrive. It pays to be a Consumer.

Happy Shopping!!

McDonald's® 2 Can Dine Coupons

McDonald's® recently issued their coupon book of 2 For 1 deals and Buy 1 Get One Free. The deals are pretty good, and would be even better, if McDonald's got their accounting right.

One of the coupons offered is 2 Can Dine For $8.98. Anyone who has taken simple mathematics in school knows that at this price of $8.98, in Ontario with 13% tax equals $10.15 (actually, $10.1474). I received a complaint from a friend that when she had presented this coupon, McDonald's® overcharged her by $0.20. When she tried to bring it to the attention of the cashier and then the manager, they were both rude and unapologetic. The problem here is not the money (although, overcharging customers by a mere $0.20, will add up to a lot over a short period of time.) The problem was the level of customer service she had received from the employees. They did not appear to be knowledgeable and when the error was brought to their attention in a very professional manner, they became rude and belligerent.

McDonald's®, if you are going to have this type of promotion, ensure all your locations are aware of the correct pricing as to not have this type of confusion in the future. In addition, if a discrepancy does occur, your employees (especially those who have the title "manager") should conduct themselves and handle the situation in a professional manner so as to not leave the customer angry and disgruntled.

McDonald's complaints and feedback

Unhappy Shopping!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Participating in Clinical Trials - Extra Cash

A great way to make extra cash is by participating in clinical research trials. You can earn anywhere between $600 to $3000 (or more) depending on the study. Pharmaceutical companies are always looking to test new drugs or new variations, to see their effect on humans. At a research study, you are provided shelter, meals and a small dose of whatever medication is being studied, to assess the medication's absorption in the blood. You stay in a controlled environment, for a period of time (usually one night or two) and are monitored. The facilities are clean, the employees are nice and it's a great way to get a check-up. You have to undergo medical screening, prior to being accepted into a study.

jscreationzs /
If you are looking for a tax-free way to supplement your income, this just might be for you.(If you are afraid of needles or get queasy at the sight of blood, then this is definitely not for you.)

Check your local newspapers for company advertisments or online under the search paid clinical studies or research studies.

Below is a site I came across with a listing of companies. Good Luck.

Clinical Research
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