Sunday, September 5, 2010

McDonald's® 2 Can Dine Coupons

McDonald's® recently issued their coupon book of 2 For 1 deals and Buy 1 Get One Free. The deals are pretty good, and would be even better, if McDonald's got their accounting right.

One of the coupons offered is 2 Can Dine For $8.98. Anyone who has taken simple mathematics in school knows that at this price of $8.98, in Ontario with 13% tax equals $10.15 (actually, $10.1474). I received a complaint from a friend that when she had presented this coupon, McDonald's® overcharged her by $0.20. When she tried to bring it to the attention of the cashier and then the manager, they were both rude and unapologetic. The problem here is not the money (although, overcharging customers by a mere $0.20, will add up to a lot over a short period of time.) The problem was the level of customer service she had received from the employees. They did not appear to be knowledgeable and when the error was brought to their attention in a very professional manner, they became rude and belligerent.

McDonald's®, if you are going to have this type of promotion, ensure all your locations are aware of the correct pricing as to not have this type of confusion in the future. In addition, if a discrepancy does occur, your employees (especially those who have the title "manager") should conduct themselves and handle the situation in a professional manner so as to not leave the customer angry and disgruntled.

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