Thursday, September 2, 2010

Participating in Clinical Trials - Extra Cash

A great way to make extra cash is by participating in clinical research trials. You can earn anywhere between $600 to $3000 (or more) depending on the study. Pharmaceutical companies are always looking to test new drugs or new variations, to see their effect on humans. At a research study, you are provided shelter, meals and a small dose of whatever medication is being studied, to assess the medication's absorption in the blood. You stay in a controlled environment, for a period of time (usually one night or two) and are monitored. The facilities are clean, the employees are nice and it's a great way to get a check-up. You have to undergo medical screening, prior to being accepted into a study.

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If you are looking for a tax-free way to supplement your income, this just might be for you.(If you are afraid of needles or get queasy at the sight of blood, then this is definitely not for you.)

Check your local newspapers for company advertisments or online under the search paid clinical studies or research studies.

Below is a site I came across with a listing of companies. Good Luck.

Clinical Research

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