Friday, August 13, 2010

Pizza dinner on a budget

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With so many of us, trying to fit so much in a day, it can be difficult to get a hot, delicious and nutritious dinner on the table some nights. My children recently began taking swimming lessons, and wouldn't you know, swimming is around dinnertime. I can feed them earlier, which would probably leave them hungry later on in the evening (which means a late night snack) or we can have dinner right after swimming. I have chosen the latter.

Our favourite place to eat (on a budget) is Pizza Nova. They have a wonderful promotion, walk-in, 1 topping pizza - $7.99 for medium and $9.99 for large. We order 2 large pizzas and half & half the toppings (that way, everyone gets a topping they like - my son likes sausages and my daughter likes cheese.) With 4 drinks and 3 dipping sauces, our dinner came to $28.82. We ate there, so there was no dishes to do after and we took the leftovers home, for lunch tomorrow. Yum!

Check your local Pizza Nova for their walk-in specials, and you too could be having family pizza night soon.

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