Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rogers™ feedback and thank you gift

I recently received a phone call from Rogers inquiring as to how I enjoyed my service. I figured it was a routine phone call, so I answered the customer service rep's questions such as 'how do you like your service', 'are there any questions or concerns regarding your service', etc.

Then out of nowhere, the customer service rep says, 'I can save you money',

I replied, 'whaaaat'?

She says, 'yes, I see that you are paying too much for your home phone and I can save you $15-$20 a month.'

I started to ask the technical questions: with taxes, without, locked in or not, does it include international, Canada, US? She explained all to me and I accepted the new 'deal'.

Then came the shocker....wait for it.....'because you are a good customer, you have a choice of $10 gas card or $10 grocery gift certificate to pick from.'  

'Seriously? Gas or food? Well, if I had no gas in my car but I was full, I could walk somewhere. I opted for the $10 grocery gift certificate (I can make a good meal for my family with that).

She put me on hold and came back to inform me that I get a $20 gift certificate because I have numerous Rogers products (That's 2 good meals).

My reward will arrive in the mail in approximately 12 weeks. I am watching my mailbox.

Happy Shopping!!

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