Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Ladybug in my Mexican food

Tonight I had dinner at what was my favourite restaurant. Although I looked forward to the meal, I wasn't as excited as usual and the proceeding events would confirm my feelings.

We received our appetizers after our meals, my rice was undercooked and my PiƱa Colada was gritty and watered down. I was willing to deal with all these disappointments, as the meal itself was not bad, until I saw it....a ladybug, right in my meal. I lost my appetite right there! I called the waitress over and showed her my uninvited meal. Of course she was very apologetic, asked me if I wanted anything else (to which I replied, "no, nothing, I would NOT like anything else") and took my plate back to the kitchen. She came back, still apologizing and said that my meal would be taken off my bill and I would not be charged. When she walked away, I told my husband that they should be crediting us our drinks and be taking at least 50% off our meal if not free.

When she came back to the table I told her what an awful dining experience I had endured and that after a more than 10 year love affair with this establishment, I was not returning there again. I also explained to her that if the manager or owner did not have the good grace to come and apologize in person (after a patron found an insect in their meal, of all things) they should at least be crediting us some or all of our meal, and not just the bug infested meal-I found a bug, did they think I was going to pay anything for it?

To make a long story short, our bill was credited 50% and I divorced my favourite Mexican restaurant.

Well, good riddance to bad bugs is what I say.

P.S. If you encounter a similiar problem, don't be afraid tell the establishment what you think and demand what you want. I think my ex-restaurant will be paid a visit from Public Health.

Happy Shopping!!

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Sheryl said...

Good for you for sticking it to the man! I'll be sure to stay far away from that establishment!

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