Friday, June 17, 2011

Cashiers and coupons

I've realized why many people are "embarrassed" to use coupons. I mean, who would, with all the attitude you get from some cashiers. I am an avid coupon user, but I don't want to be judged by my "financial savvy". The amount of  roll of the eyes, the huffing and puffing and even a few smirks I've received from cashiers, is enough to make me slap a person.

Sometimes, it's not even the cashier, it's the shopper behind me in line. I can tell because I can hear and see the shifting of the feet and the looking around. I'm sorry, am I taking too long with my transaction? Whatever, kiss my a** and find another line if I'm taking too long. You of all people should be supporting this, not trying to make me feel uncomfortable. 

As for the cashier, don't treat my coupon use like it's food stamps or a welfare cheque. I'm not buying a yacht with the $0.75 I saved on soy milk. However, to save a little bit of money does help in other aspects of life. So next time, I am in line with my coupons, smile, take them and keep your attitude to yourself.

Happy Shopping!!

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