Monday, June 20, 2011

I Can't Understand My Electricity Bill

The other day I received my electricity bill. It was $587.70. Here is a breakdown of the bill:
Energy Charge: $297.70
Delivery: $89.12
Regulatory Charges: $$22.37
Debt Retirement: $21.82
Global Adjustment: $125.39
Global Adjustment Recovery: $6.18
Interest Charge on Overdue Amount: $15.56
Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (-10%): -$63.57
HST: $73.13
Total: $587.70

I will be honest, the only charges I understand are the Energy Charge (the cost of my actual energy use), Interest Charge on Overdue Amount (interest accrued on my previous balance outstanding) and H.S.T.(Harmonized Sales Tax).

I have no clue what the rest of my bill means. It's all gibbirish. When I call Veridian for an explanation of what these terms are, they direct me to the back of my bill (which only shows the definition of Delivery, Debt Retirement and Regulatory Charges. Global Adjustment is nowhere to be found - surprise, surprise!! All these charges that my electricity company is charging me is called one thing - profit. Nobody, not the electricity company, not my MPP or my MP can explain why my bill is double the energy use.

I am sick and tired of having to shell out money to large, monopolistic companies, who make their billions in profits off mine and everybody else's hardwork. Are you kidding me? Double my energy charge...when is the money enough? The worst part about this, is that this and many other companies have the Government's blessing to steal from consumers. As an individual, if I was to attempt this type of theft, I would be arrested, labelled a thief and a fraudster and sent to jail. But as a corporation, it's ok. Wrong very wrong!!!

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