Thursday, September 11, 2008

Receiving excellent customer service

You know good customer service. It’s the service when nothing goes wrong. You get a lukewarm hello from the CSR (customer service representative), he/she gives you your product, finds it, completes your transaction or handles your complaint. They wish you a nice day, you thank them, you take your product and walk out.

THEN there is excellent customer service. This is the service you receive that you tell your friends about, email the manager about and makes you a repeat customer. Below is a list of things to do, to go from receiving good to excellent customer service.

1. Smile at the customer service representative.

2. Ask THEM how they are. (You would be surprised, how many surprised looks you get when you turn the script on them.)

3. If the CSR is wearing a nametag, refer to them by name. This will also come in handy, if you are given incorrect information. You then have a source to refer to.

4. Make eye contact when speaking.

5. Speak slowly, enunciate your words and be direct.

6. Have a command in your voice. Sound confident about what you are saying.

7. Know what you are saying. If you are unsure about a product you are looking for, try to describe it to the best of your ability. Don’t be afraid to use body language, hand gestures, etc. to describe the product.

8. Be prepared. If you are returning a product, have the product with you and any receipts, and if possible, the original packaging, no matter how destroyed it is. Explain what your issue is with the product, ie. doesn't work, wrong colour, changed my mind, etc.

9. Control the volume of your voice. Too quiet or soft and you appear timid, if you’re too loud, you appear aggressive. Find a medium tone.

10. Don’t interrupt the CSR when they are speaking. (You don’t like being interrupted, so don’t do it to others, besides, you might miss important information.)

11. Thank them. It’s a small thing, but it makes all the difference.

Happy Shopping!!

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