Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Campaign for no TV tax for Canadians

As if Canadians are not taxed enough, here comes another 'tax' that is trying to hide behind the guise of a 'fee for carriage.' TV networks want us to believe that this new 'fee' will be used to help local television.

Canadians are coming together to say NO to this 'tax.' Below is some of the information that can be found on  stopthetvtax.ca.

Saying that this is no time to ask Canadian families to pay up to $10 more per month on their cable and satellite bills, a coalition of Canada’s leading cable and satellite providers today launched a campaign to Stop the TV Tax at www.stopthetvtax.ca.

The campaign responds to the attempts by the large television networks to hide behind the issue of local television funding in order to obtain a new tax, a fee-for-carriage, on cable and satellite subscribers. The Coalition has launched the Stop the TV Tax campaign in order to ensure that Canadians hear the whole story. (Courtesy stopthetvtax.ca) Read more...

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