Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Insurance rates going up

Once again, consumers are having to shell out more money for car insurance in Ontario. At the end of 2009 car insurance rates will be going up an average of 9%, 10% if you live in Toronto. Ontario not only has the most expensive insurance in Canada, it is the most expensive in North America. As usual, the insurance companies are trying to protect their asses by blaming Ontario's "expensive rehabilitation" costs and of course, where do those costs go? They are passed on to policy holders. The insurance industry wants the government to limit the amount of claims, this will then save on what they (insurance companies) pay out for accidents, repairs, etc. They claim these savings will then be passed on to the consumer, until then they have no choice but to increase rates. Sounds like a load of crap to me. Even if that was the case, insurance companies have been known for their greed, so much so, they would find another reason to hike up rates. What does the government have to say about all this? They claim insurance rates are better now than they were 6 years ago. Wow! Really? How putting together a concrete policy to stop Ontarians from having to forever fork out money for insurance rates that seem to have no ceiling? Oh, I know why, because the more consumers pay, the more money the government makes. Unbeliveable!

Unhappy Shopping!!

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