Friday, October 2, 2009

No Junk Mail Please!

Prior to living on my own, I never realized the amount of junk mail that was received by consumers. Everything from home improvement to food to clothing. My average weekly amount is usually 10 pieces of mail. Rarely do they ever reach my house. I put them right back in the mailbox. I browse through them, look at what I might be interested in (usually not many) and I slot them back. I can't say it has decreased the amount of  junk mail I receive but it does decrease the amount of unwanted mail I bring into my house that end up in the recycling bin.
Online searches  regarding junk mail came up with the Red Dot Campaign. It is a campaign with basically two purposes in mind; first, to stop marketers from inundating consumers with advertising and second, to stop waste as a result of unaddressed marketing received in the mail.

Sites on reducing junk mail:
Canadian Marketing Association
National Do Not Call List


Happy Shopping!!

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Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Cocco!

You know the experts are trying to find better solutions all the time to defeat spams, viruses and junkmails and I would think that they have to realize that we must proceed to encrypted private internetmail sooner or later and it is a process, so why not start now?

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