Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Joe Fresh

I recently found some good deals at Joe Fresh at Superstore, while back to school shopping for my children. Their clearance racks had many summer deals on sale. I scored several boys and girls shirts for $1.94/ea. I also bought sleepers, flip flops, shoes, fall jacket and windbreaker. The windbreaker was regular $19.00 regular price (I know, because I had bought one for my son) and had been reduced to $4.94.

I like Joe Fresh clothing not only for the price but the styles. They're hip, fun and trendy, but not too trendy that the clothes can't be worn the following season. If you get a chance, check out Joe Fresh. You also receive PC Points for shopping at Joe, which can be redeemed at Joe for even greater savings, or for anything else in Loblaws and their company of stores including Superstore and No Frills.

Happy Shopping!!

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