Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kid Watch Child Safety Services

Expectant parents, are you frustrated by looking for someone to install that car seat. Police and fire departments no longer do installations and car seat clinics are few and far between. Usually, by the time you hear of one, it has already happened. Search no more. Finally, a company that not only installs car seats, but they will come to your location to do it. Kid Watch is a company that is aimed at educating and informing parents on the proper use of car seats as most people simply assume a well installed car seat is all they need to ensure their child is safe. This couldn't be further from the truth, as proper installation is only 50% of what ensures a child is safe in a vehicle. Correct use is the other half of the equation. Transport Canada states that 85% of all car seats are incorrectly installed, assuming that the other 15% are correctly installed, you could only imagine that a smaller percentage of that are correctly used.

Technicians are Kid Watch are trained to not only correctly install your child's safety restraints, but also to walk you through the process of ensuring you are informed on how to best use them. Their guidelines are strictly set by government requirements for children's safety.

As a former pet owner, I never gave consideration to the fact that there is a potential danger in unsupervised interaction between my baby and the family pet, in our case a cat. They explained to me that as a baby grows and begins to crawl or walk, they will sometimes bother and harass the pet. Often the pet will simply get up and move away, but it is also know that in frustration, pets will lash out and children can be seriously hurt even by the most benign of pets. Kid Watch also believes in taking a proactive approach to baby proofing rather than a reactive one, which most parents do. Why wait until your toddler is walking on the kitchen counters before baby proofing? Reminds me of the old adage, prevention is better than a cure. As parents, we are often caught up in the more "exciting" aspects of a baby's arrival-painting the baby's room, picking the colours, and so on-sometimes spending hundreds, at times thousands of dollars, on these more frivolous details and then "nickle and diming" it when it comes to baby proofing and child safety.

As a mother, I want more time to spend with my children, and I like the fact that this company takes the guess work out of choosing the right baby proofing products and gives me the convenience of installing my car seat for me at my home, at a time of my choosing.

Visit Kid Watch's website.

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