Thursday, August 27, 2009

Building consumer loyalty through rewards programs

Rewards programs is a marketing tool businesses employ to build customer loyalty. Programs such as Optimum at Shoppers Drug Mart, Air Miles, Aeroplan, Cineplex Odeon's Scene, and Petro Canada's Petro-Points are all designed to get you, the consumer shopping at specific locations.

Rewards vary from one program to another. Air Miles offers free flights along with gift cards, gift certificates and merchandise. With enough points collected, Optimum offers money off of purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart. Petro-Points offers merchandise, savings on fuel and discounts on your CAA membership, Scene offers free movies, free concessions and free iTunes.

Reality is you can't join every program, however by being passionate about a few, avid collectors have travelled and received merchandise they wouldn't normally obtain for themselves. In the last year, I have received groceries, clothes, movie nights out, money off purchases, discounted fuel and car washes, all without taking out a penny.

When businesses realize they are building loyalty, they are apt to giving customers better service and selection. In the end, both retailers and consumers win.

Happy Shopping!!

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