Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dollar Store Shopping Spree

If you do not have a "dollar store" near where you live or don't know what they are then you must live on the moon. Even then, I think there might be 2. Whether it be Dollarama, Everything for A Dollar Store (EFADS), Buck or Two or a mom 'n' pop shop, these stores are everywhere, with their lure of $1 or 2for$1 items. In February 2009, Dollarama went from being a dollar store to now a $1.25 and $1.50 store. I didn't know if I could go back, for fear I wouldn't be able to afford anything. No fear, I didn't notice a difference. I find these stores great for a host of products, whether it be dishwashing gloves, birthday cards, party supplies, wrapping paper, hair accessories or activity books for my children. Heck, I have even bought tights and socks. I really like these stores for their convenience however, I am selective about what I buy from there. I never buy baby products, grocery items (except for chips and pop) and I try to stay away from small toys because of possible choking hazards or lead content. I will however buy bigger toys that I know will not go into my children's mouths. Walking into a dollar store with $10, now there's a shopping spree. Zipping through the aisles collecting one item after another. It's nice to know that in these "tough economic times", there is still somewhere a $1, or excuse me, $1.25 can be spent.

Happy Shopping!!

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