Friday, August 21, 2009

Car Insurance

Car insurance varies across the country. For some provinces, the government is in the business of selling insurance, while in other provinces, the government will not touch it. We all want the best insurance rates and the best way to get that is to go through an insurance broker. They will do the shopping around for you. If you choose to find your own, remember when dealing with insurance companies, it is best to do your homework first before calling them.

Get a copy of your driver's abstract. Have a clear idea of what is on it, tickets, points, suspensions, etc.

Clear up any discrepancies. If an infraction was to have dropped off and it hasn't, inquire as to why and how you can have it cleared.

Get a copy of your auto claims history report from CGI

If you are not using a broker, shop around. There are many of insurance companies out there, be sure you do your homework to get the best rate.

The law requires that all drivers in Canada must have car insurance and the basic policy and minimum coverage levels are set by the government in each province. This means that by and large, in each province the terms of the insurance policy you receive from one insurance company to the next are virtually identical. However, the rates charged for a given car and driver can actually vary by hundreds and even thousands of dollars between insurance companies. (courtesy of

For more information on car insurance regulation and requirements in Canada, visit

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