Friday, August 7, 2009

Comparing Diapers

Having had my third child in less than five years, I think I am a little bit of an authority on diapers. When I had my son, I was intent on using brand names, after all, they are the ones you see on commercials, they have the snazzy websites and send you all those free coupons when you sign up with them online. I became a Pampers girl. By the time my daughter came along two years later, I had switched to Huggies. Not because I loved them or their performance, but because some friends had given us 2 boxes of what they had left over. Being on maternity leave and being low on cash sometimes, I would opt for the store brand diapers. Parents Choice at WalMart, Presidents Choice Teddy's brand and Comfort Fit from Shoppers Drug Mart. To my amazement these diapers performed just as well, if not better than the brand name stuff. I found they came in the assorted sizes like the brand names, they were just as absorbent with little leakage, they had no strong odours, they had pictures of popular childrens' characters and the best part was that the price was a fraction of what the brand names were charging. By buying the store brands, I was saving an average of $5 per case.

If you go through as many diapers in your house as I do, that's a pretty significant savings. The only time I buy brand name now is when I have a coupon and they are on sale. If not, I am more than happy treating my wallet to a break and buying store brand.

For those hooked on brand names, I have attached some links to get coupons.



I would love your reponses on your experience with store brand diapers. Email me.

Happy Shopping!!

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