Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Store Brand vs. Name Brand

You walk down the aisle of your favourite grocery store, you stop for your usual brand of apple juice, cereal, oatmeal, crackers and countless other items. Beside your trusty name brand is the store brand. The packaging is just as nice, the amount of food in the box or can is the same, do you dare trust the store brand?

Most shoppers would probably say they would stick to their brand name. Citing excuses such as the store brand is not as tasty, quality ingredients are not used, etc. Like most things these days, there are many generic brands of products we use everyday to be found at the grocery store. I have not been taken in by the fancy packaging of brand name manufacturers and have opted for the store brands of some of my favourite products. The results were as comparable or even better. The truth is, some of the companies that manufacture the brand names also produce the store brands.

On your next shopping trip, try the store brand, it just might surprise you.

Happy Shopping!!

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