Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Customer is King??

Today, I probably had one of the worst customer service experiences imaginable.

I approached an ice cream truck to buy ice-cream for myself and my children. I gave my order, which included a dipped cone, to the saleslady. I watched her do a poor job of filling my cone, almost drop it and then attempt to 'dip' it in the chocolate coating, which in turn was done even more carelessly. When she handed it to me, I could not contain my shock and disgust and politely requested that she prepare another cone. She responded by telling me, she would not give me another one. I then withdrew my order for the ice-cream altogether. This incredibly rude and belligerent woman snatched the ice-cream from me and called me a fool as I walked away. I asked her what she said and an argument ensued, in which I told her that she had no customer service skills and should be ashamed of herself for conducting herself in the manner in which she was doing. I also told her I would be contacting her company and filing a complaint.

This is just another example of the incredulously poor customer service that seems to be a part of the Canadian business landscape. Unfortunately, customer service does not appear to be of much importance to these companies. For them, it's about the bottom line. Make money and don't worry about how the customer is treated.

My husband, in an interview (with a manager at a very popular and well established Canadian department store-the oldest corporation in the world) was asked what he thought was the most important element to make one a successful sales associate. He responded that he thought it was having good customer service. The manager responded by laughing and then proceeded to tell him that 'they' were not in the business of providing customer service and that 'they' don't care about customer service. He continued to say that the most important element of the job (in order to be a successful sales associate) is making the sales, making the money.

The old adage, 'the customer is always right' should hold true to businesses. When the bottom line is all companies are after, in the end, it's not only the consumer that loses out, it's the companies as well. I will not be buying ice-cream from the ice-cream truck again.

Happy Shopping!!

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